This has been driving me NUTS

Alright, I almost have everything I need to start putting my 318 back together for my '70 Duster and one of the first things I intend to do when I am finished is race my friend's stock 2008 Audi A4 2.0T. Now, from looking at the performance specs I have him beaten in basically everything (engine size, vehicle weight, HP, torque) except drivetrain; a 6-speed manual with a 3.89 final drive hooked up to a sophisticated AWD system is light-years beyond my old 3-speed non-OD automatic with 2.76 final drive hooked to a solid rear axle with RWD. Here are the parts I have in this engine for you guys to look at:

-- Stock reman'd #302-casting 318 heads (will be ported with bigger valves later on)
-- Edelbrock Performer intake
-- Rebuilt ThermoQuad carb
-- Lunati Voodoo 256/262 cam
-- COMP 901 valve springs

I'm going to use the stock manifolds at first with the stock single exhaust (awful, I know, but $$$ has run out) but will eventually be getting a Pypes 2.5" X-pipe dual exhaust system (still with the stock manifolds).

I know the rear gearing will kind of cut me off at the knees but will I still have enough torque to blast him in the 1/4? My other friends (who aren't really car people) tell me how fast that Audi is and I'm getting a little worried that all that time and money will be for nothing if I lose to a stupid turbo 4-banger Euro car.
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