The ones that got away!!!

While attending a Mopar friends memorial service last weekend, a topic of discussion came up that I thought we could have a little fun with here at FABO. Lets call it "The ones that got away". I would like to hear about that "one car" you wish you had bought but didn't, or the one that you watched for years that disappeared before you got a chance at it, or the one you passed on that your buddy bought and will not sell, EVER!!! And give us a story, something we can seek our teeth into, although I know not everybody is Hemingway, I'd like to hear all of the details, the heartbreaks, the whole sad tale of that one car, the one you REALLY wanted!!! And if it's still too traumatic, page over to the other side and look up my other post...."and the ones that didn't"!!! So, lets hear it gang, time for a trip down memory lane!!! Warp factor one Captain!!! Geof
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