The Entomologist

An enotomologist who is a workaholic spends so much time at work that he eventually starts to feel like a moth. It starts gradually, but after some time, he can't even walk straight. He zig zags around while flapping his arms up and down. He has a strange attraction to wool, etc. At the end of a particularly long work day, it gets so bad that his coworkers insist he get some help, so he leaves the office but wanders around aimlessly for a while. It's late, but eventually he happens upon a dentist's office that's still open and goes right in. He sits in the chair waiting. When the dentist comes in, the entomologist breaks down and starts crying...

Enomologist: "Doc, you gotta help me! I feel like a moth! I can't get any work done, my career is ruined and my wife left me, my kids hate me, my life is a mess. YA GOTTA HELP ME!" he says, grabbing the dentist by the lapels.

Dentist: "Sir, you need psychiatric help, this is a dentist's office!"

Entomologist: "Yeah, I know that. I'm not stupid!"

Dentist: "Well then, why did you come in here?"

Entomologist: "Because the light was on." #-o
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