The BIG 3’s Ceo’s paycuts?

I just saw this on CNN five minutes ago.The Senate asked this question to each of the Big Three CEO's.
If we were to loan you the money would you be willing to take a pay cut next year??
Heres the Answers
GM.... I would take a 50% paycut.
Ford.. I am OK were I am at. Then the qestion was asked again.
Again I am OK where I am at.
Chrysler.. I will work for 1 Dollar next year.

Here another question The Senate asked the Big three Ceo's.
How much do you need?

Here the Answers
GM.... I don't know
Ford.. 25 Billion
Chrysler.. 7 Billion

I thought this was interesting.Most of the Ceo's and upper management still not willing to take a pay cut.Fords Ceo made 9 million last year I think they said.
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