Thank You Veterans


So many take for granted

The freedoms we enjoy

To speak out against injustice

Or buy expensive toys

They do so without thinking

About those who paid the price

Through sweat and blood and hidden scars

Giving the ultimate sacrifice

So young and so courageous

Many eager to volunteer

Answering the call of duty

Instead of dodging to stay here

Tender hearts forged in battle

Some never to come back

Those that have, bear the weight

With the blood and guts some lack

Many freedoms we are loosing

So slowly you might not see

But those of us who know the price

See the threat to our country

All those bloody battles

All those names upon the wall

Those who died to wave Old Glory

Hoping never to see her fall

Could you give your son or daughter?

Can you imagine how it feels?

Being sent off perhaps to slaughter

With no hope of appeal

Don't let them be forgotten

You should thank them every day

And for those still alive

Realize the sacrifice they've made

Author: admin