Tearing down the 318..suggestion

Well, Our plan for the little teen has been changing a little. Our plan was a very hot little street car with mostly strip set up. As time has passed we are trying to conserve money and depending on what we find when we pull the motor we may not be doing a full rebuild with the KB 167s etc for the time being. We had planned on the KB167 flat top pistons bored .030 over, 302 casting heads milled a little, pocket ported and gasket matched to both the header and 360 intake gaskets, an RPM air gap intake, street avenger 670 carb and a fairly large cam like maybe an XE274H or the like and Hooker headers with 2 1/2 dual exhaust. We have 3.90 gears and had not decided on a torque converter stall but did plan to add a higher stall TC to deal with a fairly big cam for a teen. A small 100hp N20 shot was also planned

We had not decided on the extent of the head work and I was going to try to do some of it myself. I really thought I wanted 1.88 1.60 valves although some of the comments and advise I have read of BJR suggests maybe keeping the 1.78 1.50s. I would spend some money on the heads and it may even be in the cards to get them up to Bobby if I could since he is not too far away.

Anyway, as the collection of parts has proceeded I got a new 670 street avenger in the box for $150, a new RPM Air Gap for $170 shipped and a new Comp Cams 268H cam kit for $200 shipped. (gotta love Craigslist). The cam is smaller than what we had planned but the deal was too good to pass up.

Questions: 1) Am I going to be unhappy with the cam? 2) given the gears and cam can I just use the stock torque converter for the time being? 3) What do you think about needing more head work? and 4)..generically, what would the best way to get the compression up some without taking the whole motor apart (if she checks out good with the stock pistions)..mill the heads a little or just go with a thin head gasket and wait until the full rebuild is in the cards?

We really wanted to build this little teen up to be close to 400hp but as it goes along it looks like maybe 325 give or take is where we are heading. Thanks and sorry for the long post
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