Take a look

look in the stuff and auto parts for sale.
I am posting parts for sale to help a family here at FABO.

I will pay shipping on any part I sell, and that means to our great Canadian members too.
This has been a very unfair year to a pair of our members here.
Everything I put up will be going to them not for just Christmas but just
to help keep there chins up, I know I am going to make the Grump man mad at me but he can give me a complaint and I will understand I hope Xcptshnl1
will understand that I can not help myself and understand.

I have been there before, And this time it is my turn.

And if you have a part you want to add to this list make your self at home.

my pm is open.

I have #1, #2, #3, and #4 posted with no reserve or shipping.
So don't miss out.
I hope I am not crossing the line here.:read2:
Author: memike