stupid people on the net

I cannot believe how stupid people can be at the keyboard of their computers, stupid and heartless that is. This tragedy just happened in our town and some dipshits on yahoo news comments have nothing better to do than crack jokes. Many of us here in town knew some of these people injured and deceased some kids even went to school with the drivers kids. Lots of people hurting and idiots behind their computers post stuff like this......look down and click on what others said about this news story (show) if the comments are not under the story.I am done with posting or reading comments on the news,my comment there at top will be my last. I have gotten so I will not read peoples comments on news or on U-tube, guess thats why I like to read stuff on this site,the company is much better!! way

You may have to click on "more" at the bottom of the comments to see them all.
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