Stumbled across a new (to me) dash panel source

Well figured I'd pass this along in case you were looking for a dash panel for your A-body.

I know there is a thread down where a member asked about where a guy got the carbon fiber dash panel in a pic...I believe it would have come from Redline Gauge Works, which I am sure most of you already knew of...


Up until about 4PM today I'd never seen this company's work though...It looks similar to the Redline piece, but maybe with more of a textured look (think 68-70 B-body rally dash).

The big kicker, and huge plus for a lot of us is the simple fact it is pre-drilled!!

Enough of a build-up though...The company's name is Fast Lane West and you can check their A-body line up here:

As you'll note they also offer complete panel + gauge packages and a harness to adapt to new autometer gauges...

Anywho, hadn't been on in awhile and figured this was worth of posting, even if it is a repost :toothy10:

And for what it is worth if anyone at Fast Lane West wants to send a panel to a guy willing to spread the good word about their products, I might know someone interested, haha...Hope this helps some ple out! :-D
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