Real nice straight used flexplate cover for a 904 trans. It's the one with the little access cover at the bottom but I don't have it. $20 shipped in the Con't USA. $10 more to AK, HI or Canada.

Good used Milodon oil pickup tube part #18345. This is the one for the low profile pan. Sells new for $42 at Summit. $25 shipped in the USA.

Factory electronic distributor. Slots welded up to provide 16 degrees of centrifugal advance. New bushings. Polished clean and has a nearly new dist. cap and rotor. Also has a new pickup coil. $90 shipped Via priority anywhere in the USA. $10 more to Canada.

Used low profile 14" air cleaner with a K&N knock off cleanable filter. Has a 360 sticker on it but it can be taken off easily. Has some scratches and a minor dent in the rear that can't be seen when installed. $25 shipped in the con't USA. $10 more to AK, HI or Canada.

PM me if interested in any of the above. Thanks, Tracy

The dist. is all i have of pic of now. If you want a pic of anything else let me know.

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