Street 318 valve springs

Now that I have some money I've started to put together all the parts I need to buy. I plan to get a Lunati Voodoo 256/262 cam and lifter kit, but I forgot that I probably need new valve springs. The ones that Lunati recommends with the kit seem pretty beefy; in fact, a little too beefy. They are rated at 365 lbs. open and come with spiral dampers. Do I need springs this stiff, or can I use softer ones without the dampers? Also, can I use the old retainers and other hardware from the heads that I have (pair of #302's, and my old original open-chamber heads)? Mind you I doubt I'll rev this engine much over 5500 RPM (maybe 6000 max) as I also plan to use a regular Performer intake, stock or mildly ported #302's most likely with stock valve sizes (depending on how much money I have), and stock exhaust manifolds.
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