Stoled my motors.

Tuesday Morning I went to my old home place just to see some one has
stole my 440 and old 360.
I was mad as a hornet and called the county police and made a report.
Then this morning a big steel gate was gone.
This has got my full attention and I had the money in had to drive to all the salvage yards and go looking.
I found my 440 and 360 and told the scrap metal place and the county came out and they had to have gotten my gate last night.
I walked the yard and found my motors and a man there told me the time and truck that was used to hall it in.
I was not in the mood to rant when this happened.
The 440 ran when creed and I pulled it out of a dodge truck.
the 360 is just a good rebuilder.
Know I just need to get them back in to a dry storage.

Watch your metal guy's and girls. Dang crack heads.
They will get back to me when they find out the person that did this.
My report i told the yard and police is now narrowed down to Sunday night stolen and at the scape metal yard and Monday at 10 am Monday.

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Author: memike