Still Fustrated!!

Hi guys, last year (May 07) I had upgraded my 727 with the Transgo Shift kit, however I had upshifting problems both through manual shifting and auto. :angry7: Some may remember my problem (link below please read). Anyways...I didn't fix the problem last year being "trans fustrated" until I took the car out today. The problem seems to be "more" servere and is even shifting later then before (WTF). She won't upshift until 2700 1-2 and 3800 2-3. (Cars just screaming to shift and I feel like a fool) When it does shift..its very hard and clean. (Can't drive like 40MPH staying in 1st) I was giving some direction about kickdown etc and tried just about everything that comes to mind. Also today I picked up another Valve body 904 (should work)and agian going over the Transgo book to start all over again.:angry7: HOWEVER please, before I start dropping the pan... if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions I'm sure open for help here!

PS Had "no" problems before installing TF-2

BTW - I'm hoping my 2500 stall isn't screwing things up? also it has 3:91 and the tires are 26"

Thanks for any thoughts guys!
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