steelies vs. aluminum wheels

Hey there guys,

trying to decide what look i want for my scamp and am having trouble picking between black steelies or aluminum wheels like draglites (orignally wanted prostars but they dont have the backspacing i need for my minitub)...anyways, i hear about aluminum wheels taking a 10th off of a timeslip, but i would like to know what you guys have to say about that...the reason im trying to decide now is because its kind of dictating the colour i paint my scamp (which will be in two weeks) so i need to think fast!:toothy10: I think steelies look all business with a fat tire and are definatly unique, but i have always been partial to the aluminum drag look- i guess it will come down to performance for me, so which is better, or will it not make a big difference?
Author: admin