Spitfires Arrived today!

I know the wrap on Harold and the infamous spitfires. Lots have been said in many different places. Positive and negative. I PRE-PAID for my set in late summer, KNOWING that I would not need them until ~ the new year, 09. Total time between order and delivery: 6 months.

I DID make a few calls down to check status of the headers. Harold indicated that he buys tubing in batches to save costs, which sometimes slows him down. So be it. Today I received my headers. They look very nice. The will be fit into the 73 Dart Sport, with a 340. Once extensions and pipe connections are made, they will go out for ceramic coating.

My OPINION; if you are willing to be patient, you will get a very good product for a very good price. Plan ahead. If you don't have time, someone will have TTIs on the shelf at $800 that they can send right out.

One suggestion; before sending them out for final coating, seal up the ports and do a leak test of all the welds. I checked mine over carefully with a stong light and found 1 pin-hole above a collector. No biggie, 1 dab with the MIG will fix it. Its better to find it now than later!

Good luck.... Happy Spitfire owner Mike
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