Spindle Questions?

I have a 73 Dart 4-door /6 that is in the process of becoming a daily driver. The car was an abandoned father/son project that continues to disclose "features" I had not expected. The car currently has SBP wheels and drum brakes on each corner. In the future I plan to switch to disk brakes, but more immediately, I want to go to BBP wheels. Conversion of the rear is settled, but the front is still undecided. As was true with the Demon, the 4-door already has a disk brake master cylinder and proportioning valve.

1. I have been seeing disk brake spindles for A/B/E bodies? My understanding was the BBP A-body spindle is about a half inch shorter than the B/E spindle. True or False? Has anyone put a B/E spindle on a 67+ A-body? If I go this route, what should I look for?

2. Will a B/E/F/J/M drum brake and hub assembly work on the 73 Dart spindle? I know that I will have to get the backing plate if the drum is a different diameter from the ones currently on the car? What about if it is the same?

Your thoughts, comments, and wise (guy?) remarks are appreciated.:stop:
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