Some stuff for sale

Got a few things I'd like to find new homes for. Most isn't for A bodies, but since a lot of us have more than one car, I figured I post here before going to ebay.

1 set 273 adjustable rockers and shafts. Need a good cleaning $50

1 new (store bought rebuild? and never used) /6 carb.
has 3751424 6724 0114 stamped in fuel bowl $75

1 pair E body (71 up B body) /6 torsion bars Clean and painted $50?

1 E body brake booster with pedal assembly and firewall plate $50?

1 set 70 E body 4 speed column lock linkage. This goes from the trans to the column. This is all brand new repop stuff I didn't use on my Challenger
Cost $139....$100

1 Lil Red Express bucket seat center cushion bracket. This mounts to the back of the cab and supports the center "console" back when flipped up. $15

1 pair offset shackles for B or E. $30

All parts in North Texas, and do not include shipping. I'd also be happy to trade any or all for stuff I need (remember my wanted add?)

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