So you want 2 go Big block…Read this first!

I see on other forums people saying that they want to go big block. and befor I did my car, I didn't have a clue what expenses are involved with a swap like this. I thought it would be good for people to look on a forum and see what other people say the costs are for installing a big block in an A body. Prices around north america are different, so there will be some disagreaments. and please try and do the pricing for average prices...not good deals, Or what you can get it for....think for the average Joe

Here is My break down of big block expences....For BC canada. I know the USA will be cheaper.

$500-$2000 for big block engine ( $500 for a barely running stock 2 brl $2000 for a rebuilt with 4 brl,and other goodies) Your not guna want a 2 brl intake on it anyways, so even a stock motor and a purchase of a 4 brl intack and carb to bolt on will still cost around $1000
$180 for schumacker motor mounts
$200 for headers, or exhaust manifolds
$230 for 3 inch exhaust and muflers
$350 for auto tranny and drive shaft shortening
$1700-$2500 for big block bell housing, A body tranny, Clutch, Clutch linkage, and shifter, and shifter linkage
$300 for aluminum rad
$500 for Disc brake conversion
$1000 for 8 3/4 rear end
$500 for nickel and dimeing stuff ( filters, hoses, oil, spark pugs/wires, other fluids etc etc)

and I am sure I am missing some stuff.

If you do it with a $1000 engine ( including carb and 4 brl) and an auto trans, your total would be around $4260

and if you go with the same engine but 4 spd, your total would be $5610-$6410

Sure you can not upgrade your brakes, but with the added weight of the big block, I wouldn't recomend it. and you can also ditch the diff, but your stock 7 1/4 diff will bust, and then your car won't go anywhere anymore

Prob another $500 of stuff I forgot. Oh, and you will also need a proper oil pan for another $50-$100, and possibly T bars, though I have heard that /6 bars are ok, also need frame conectors, and you might have problems with your stearing linkage. so you may have to buy new idler and pitman arms...and...and...

AUto with $1000 engine = $4760
4 spd with $1000 engine = $6110-$6910

Now the good news... this isn't what I paid. I was a couple grand less than the $6910 price. I got lots of deals at my Parts store. and alot of the parts came with my car when I bought it. New parts, just not installed yet. I am also going to have to rebuild my tranny this winter cause I bought a used one. if you are buying get what you payed for.

So if you think you have a relativly good grasp on the expenses of a big block instalation on an A body. Type your list down...including prices, and give a total. That way people that are thinking of doing it, can look and see what they have, what they need to buy, and roughly how much is it going to cost.


PS. if you can afford it...I recomend doing it. :burnout:
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