small-bolt/BIG-BOLT….TRUNION ?

So I took a chance and won a complete {marked} 1964 dart DRIVESHAFT. Part price $25.00 {$55.00 shipping}. As, my trunion is worn-out, I was glad to see and feel how great a shape this one was in. The length was 1/4 inch different...acceptable. I installed a new rear u- joint on the rear, put a light, fresh dab of grease in the trunion, conditioned the good boot, and paint-prepped the shaft. Then, after removing the old one, and attempting to install...............I GOT THE SHAFT. :thebirdm: I failed to check the bolt patterns on the end of the union. :( My new found treasure is a, you guessed it, 1/4 larger diameter. I have a 4-speed, maybe this one fit an automatic ? I've seen the 'kits' offered for my '64 DART and none mention any certain bolt pattern, so I ASSumed they were all the same. I'm not against drilling the right pattern, but, wonder if there is a trans output shaft I could replace first. As far as drilling goes, my $20.00 'machine shop' aint goin' to hack-it, but it's worthless to me anyway and I might as well try something.......Attachment 37525

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