Shelter In Place

Tonight around 9:40 pm the Bayer Crop Science Plant in Institute, West Virginia had an explosion. Yeah, Not a good thing. It was just 1/2 mile on the other side of Goff Mountain from where I work as a waitress. It was so strong it shook our building, and broke windows for 3 miles. One person was killed at the plant and several are injured and or missing. There is a cloud encompassing the plant. No one is saying what is is , YET

Law enforcement had us evacuate my workplace within a few moments of this. I made it home through the back roads. I-64 that I usually travel to get home is closed. It passes right by that plant.

I live with my husband and 2 sons in South Charleston, 10 miles away. we are now under a Shelter In Place Order. The Ac is off, I have covered all the air vents and anywhere air from the outside can get inside.

The plant that blew-up and is on fire is Bayer Crop Science Plant in Institute, West Virginia one of the USA's largest pesticide and fertilizer plants.

25 years ago, that plant produced the same chemicals that killed all those innocent people in Bopal India.:angry7:

Keep all of us here in your thoughts and prayers

I Hope to keep you all updated.

The Gillespie Family:
~Mary,David, Gregory David and John Russell Luke

PS news station just announced the possible chemical that caused the fire is called MYTHOMYL (?)
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