Selling ’73 Duster black interior trim

I have some extra pieces in very nice driver condition.

sail panels 2 ea
door tops 2 ea
kick panels 2 ea
A-pillars 2 ea
door handle pockets 2 ea
steering column trim 1 ea

Total for full set = $195, plus actual shipping only

I would prefer to sell the full set to one buyer, but will consider separating the pieces, if no one wants all of it. These pieces are not dull, chalky, sun-baked, or gouged with deep scratches. They have plenty of life and will shine up nicely. The sail panels even still have the end caps that are often broken off and missing near the door openings. The driver's side does have a minor crack with a tiny piece missing (smaller than half a dime), but probably can be easily repaired.

If interested, I can try to get some photos, but you know how hard it is to take good pictures of black objects. Please send me a PM or e-mail

Author: admin