Scored me an Offy!

Whoo hoo! I just scored a new Offenhauser 4 barrel off eBay. Got a decent price for it too if I don't say so myself. Well, it's a fair stretch cheaper than J.C. Whitney or Summit had it listed for.

This is big! My first real performance upgrade for my '64 Valiant's engine in over 8 years.

Now I just need to pick a carb. And I've already heard enough about the Holley 500 2bbl vs the Holley 390 4bbl to make my head spin, so that's not me trying to spark another debate.

Anyway, I was just really excited and thought I'd share.

(And please don't tell me what a "real" good deal is until I've had some time to bask in the afterglow. I'd like to pretend I'm a smart shopper for at least a day or two. )
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