SB parts, 8-3/4 axle ratio tags

Stock mopar SB windage tray bolts. $18 shipped in the con't US. $7 more to AK, HI, or Canada

SB Mopar dist. Completely rebuilt and includes a new pickup and properly phased. Advance weights modified to only produce 16 degrees of timing advance all in by 2500. $70 shipped anywhere in the USA. $5 more to Canada.

8-3/4 rearend 3.23 axle ratio tags. One is pretty nice. The other one had a gorilla torque the bolt down on it and it's stretched somewhat. I tried to straighten it out and got it better but it's still stretched some. $15 shipped for the nice one in the USA. $2 more to Canada. $10 for the not so perfect one shipped in the USA. $2 more to Canada.

Titanium retainers and machined steel locks. Mopar perf. titanium retainers and comp cams locks for 3/8 stem valves. Used a little but just fine. A couple have a mar or two on them where rockers broke but nothing that affects performance or reliability. $65 shipped in the con't USA. $5 more to AK, HI, or Canada

915 J heads. 72 castings taken off a 340 but like all newer J heads they say 360 under the valve cover area and are the same heads that were used on 360's. [b]THESE HEADS ARE THE SMALL INTAKE VALES.[B] Contrary to popular belief small valves make more power on stock to mild applications up to about 350 hp because the port velocity is better than 2.02 valve heads. They are in very nice used original condition. They look like they were redone once and then never ran allot. Don't look like they were cut but I'm not positive there. These would be very nice heads to rebuild on the cheap. The valve guides are real tight so they don't need replaced. I'm not positive but I believe 72 heads had the hardened exh. valve seats. There are no stripped threads or broken bolts. $125 plus shipping. Shipping will be via USPS and price determined by your location. I only charge actual shipping price. PM me with your e-mail address and I can send pics.

PM me if interested. Thanks, Tracy

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