SB Mopar Camshafts

I have accumulated several small block camshafts that I do not need. The car is getting a BB now.

All cams have been bought off of this board and the last one off of BBD over the last several years.

Cam #1:

Mopar .484-.284, part number 4120231

Was installed, ran for 300 miles in a new engine and then pulled for something more mellow. Nice and clean etc.

Price: $60 to your door in the CONUSA only

Cam # 2:

Sealed Power CS-1143R

This cam has .447-.450 lift and .222-.232 duration at .050

This is a new, never run cam in the box.

Price: $60.00 to your door in the CONUSA only

Cam # 3:

This one is interesting. I bought it from a guy who "was told it was a.509". It has the purple on the end, and has the number #970406 or #870406.
Decent shape, but no real idea on history. I can not guarantee that this is indeed the .509 so it is a mild gamble on your part.

Price: $35.00 to your door in the CONUSA only

Trades: I will happily trade for like spec. BB cams. I am looking for stuff in the under .500 lift neighborhood for my 440.

I can do pics etc. if needed. I do not need these and I have had them for long enough.

Thank you, ROB
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