Ryan & Dione’s 1970 Black Valiant Sedan Project

Hello all - Our 2nd A-body at the house is the 70 Valiant Sedan with Slant 6 225.

I came across this car on Craigslist and eBay in late 2013 for and picked up for $1,000. Trailered it home

The previous owner stated that it runs, but needs timing adjusted ASAP. Prior to purchasing, we did get it running.

When getting home, first order of business was figuring out where the timing was and adjusting. A quick tap on the throttle would immediately produce an loud bang of a backfire.

The timing was a full tooth off on the distributor gear, so we dialed it in and car runs and drives fine after that.

Next project was a leaky gas tank that would only allow 1/4 of a tank in, then begin dripping very quickly.

A non-EEC gas tank was purchased, with all the fixins, and the gas tank replacement was first semi-major replacement on the Valiant.

I have created a Google Photos album to document this project.


The car has a few outstanding problems, such as much more rust than I hoped for, and the interior is a mess, and won't start in Park, only neutral.

Updates to follow!

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