Route 66 Rendezvous – Anyone Go???

Sorry, no pics.
My wife and I spent the day at the 'Route 66 Rendezvous' yesterday in San Bernardino, CA. First time attending the event as it's usually hot this time of year and my wife can't take the heat, but yesterday was really comfortable in the mid-upper 80's.
Saw some great cars of all makes but, as usual, not enough Mopars.
In case some of you don't know of this event, this is a 4-day event and it's limited to pre-1979 vehicles. Attendance is also limited to the first 1900 cars that are approved to attend. They don't allow multicolor body panels (red fender, blue hood, primer body, etc.) or multi-color primer jobs on in-progress cars.
They also have about a 4-mile open-header cruise route set up.
We found a great spot under some trees and watched the parade go by. Even saw a mid-70's motorhome with completely polished aluminum skin, side pipes and big wing. Kinda cool and unusual family cruiser.
Keep it in mind if you're ever in SoCal this time of year. Check it out on the web.
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