Roller cam idle RPM

Hey everyone.Hope all is good.I was hoping you could shed some light on the idle speed i should be running in park and in gear.The engine is a fresh combo,and it now has a 712/698 lift,276/280@50 duration Bullet roller in it.Im running a dominator and it's got 14.1 Ross slugs in it.It doesnt sound much like a street engine,but i drive it to the donut shops on Saturday and around town sometimes.I know i shouldnt have to worry about flattening it,but i heard that in order to get good oiling to the cam it has to have a high idle speed.Problem is it's brutal to drop it in gear when its to high.And of course it drops decently when its in gear.I like it at about 12-1300 in park,which is about 900 or so in gear.Whatsyour thoughts on this?Is it hard on the cam idleing low with 625# springs?Thanks everyone :burnout:
Author: admin