Well I have my engine together, the heads torqued all I need to do is put the oil pan, timing chain cover/front main seal, and intake/carb on and the engine will be complete...nearly. I picked up my rebuilt heads from the shop finally on Wednesday and didn't pay enough attention while I was there but they took my rockers,rocker shafts and retainers, I now just ave a rebuilt set of heads with out any rocker parts. I called the shop and the response was less then pleasing-"you didn't bring heads in with any rockers on em"- I said yes sir I did I brought in one set of fully assembled and painted heads-(Mopar red)- and a set of cores for any parts that may be needs I.E. valves, springs castings ETC, any ways the guy says I'll have the fellas look for em and never got back to me. I finally started just looking around for new parts as I for one don't see them having the parts any longer and for two I don't necessarily wish to put used parts on a set of heads that are basically brand new.

I have come across a full aluminum roller rocker kit with the roller rockers, the rocker shafts, spacers and retainers. this kit will run me 249.99 and cup tip push rods where ever I may find them for how ever much they will be theirs a set on eBay at the moment but they are pricey so I'm gonna look around, what do you guys think? is there any way I can convert the rockers to cup so I can keep my push rods? I bought a new set of standard rods but cant use them with the roller gear.

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