ring and pinion swap

Hello - I have a quick question involving the rear end gears found in the 8 1/4. I have a 1974 Duster, factory 318 car in the shop right now awaiting 3.21 gears and a limited slip. I still have to call the mechanic to see if he has started on it yet. My question is how common was the 2.76 gear? I have an 8 1/4 that is more than likely the original unit. I always assumed I had a 2.76 becuase I thought that was the lowest ratio available. Then I found out by doing a search that some had a 2.45 gear and anything higher won't fit inside the carrier. If thats the case then does anyone reproduce the carriers? I have already got a lot of money in the rear-end and hate to spend more, I have already purchased everything. Sounds like there is a possibility that I am screwed if I have the 2.45 factory gear. I am really hoping I have the 2.76 and maybe the 2.45 was more common on slant 6 cars. Any infomormation is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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