Ribs and Shrimp !!!

Just laid out 2 slabs of ribs and a big bag of whole shrimp. Lets see now.....one slad i will fix like the wife likes em.....smoked with a mild, sweet sauce shot with beer at every turn. Mine will be a little more spicy witha BBQ rub and a hot mustard sauce......and then there's the shrimp. About a 7 lb bag so i'll fix em a couple a different ways...on squers and laced with greek seasoning in a butter bath.....are ya feeling the love? Then maybe do some in a crab boil with lemons. Do a peel em and dunked in melted butter with a side of my wifes Cauliflour/Brocli/green onion/olive salad with a dash of greek season and mayo and of course a big baked potatoe. Too bad no one is stopping by today. Oh well. If you just happen to be out driving around i can set another plate. Go south on 63 to soccer field on right. Turn right and after the fourth curve i'm third drive on right. Yellow house, green roof. Big field of mopars out back. Can't miss it. About 5 pm will me about right.
Author: admin