Rev limit of a S6

What's goin on guys. I have a 225 S6 laying around, and I've been thinking about ditching my built 340 and build a stroked/boosted Slant. To figure out the powerband and match up a decent turbo I was wondering what RPM the 225 is maxed at. I have a GTS-61 Dual Ball Bearing turbo (equivilant to a 60 trim) I was planning to use for this project. On my 2.4L 4cyl I hit full boost at 4500 rpm, but my motor redlined at 6250rpm. At 6000 I pulled 496WHP/428WTQ on a 4cyl, so granted another two cylinders would spool the turbo faster if the rpm band is around 6k. Not sure if there's anyone on here with turbo knowledge, but any help would be appreciated.

Author: admin