Registering a “Bill of Sale” Car

Guys..... In NY State, can you tell me what snags one might run across when trying to get a registration for a "bill of sale" purchase of an old Mopar?

I've run across lots of guys who own them, and at some point plan to register. I have one myself, and know the previous when I'm ready to register, it's not a problem, even though we don't have an original reg slip. But what of the cars that were purchased with plans of restoring at some point, but came with no registration slip?

How do we go about registering these vehicles in NY State without having supporting documents from a previous owner? I have a couple of friends that bought parts cars from local yards years ago, never expecting the prices to skyrocket.........with the current markets, it's feasible to return a parts car to glory and make out pretty good on the investment if you do your own work.

So what kind of rocky road are we up against getting them registered again?
Author: admin