rear end relocation

Posted this on another Mopar site and got no response.....

I have a '64 Barracuda that I'm about to put my 8 & 3/4 under. I'd like to move it to the rear by an inch in order to gain tire clearance at the front of the wheel well and 1/4 panel. HD A body springs to be used. Mancini's site lists part # MREAR0104 (Spring Hanger Set E body with Super Stock springs). Will this do the trick? By my guesstimate the A and E body bolt pattern for the four mounting studs is the same. I'm guessing that an issue may be that that the existing spring eye hole moves will move the rear 2" and I may need to drill another one. SS spring front segment are A body stock 20" vs. e body 22" right?

If this hanger isn't the correct solution what is? Has anyone ever used a spacer to do the same? Will the stock shackles have enough play to absorb the extra inch and still provide good geometry?
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