Re-List, ’70 Duster

Instead of dragging up the old thread, I'll relist it. Despite what all I'd like to do with this '70 Duster, I just don't see any of it happening any time soon. Also, found out I got a second child on the way, so I'd like to see this car go to a good home. Anyway, as I said, it's a 1970 Plymouth Duster. The VIN says it's a 340 car. The drivetrain is gone, and has been gone some time before I got the car. I bought the car to turn it into a drag car, found out it's a 340 car, and changed my mind about it. Long story short, I wanted to do a big block anyway, so I have some stuff that goes with the car, but not much. The motor that goes with it is a 361 (running when pulled from a car), now has been sitting on my porch for a little while now. I pulled the heads to rebuild it, but lossed interest. There is a set of 451 heads, virgin with one busted valve (valve froze, tried to fre it up, and it busted can be removed) from a 400. I also have factory exhuast manifolds that go with the motor, though the intake I have that can go with the motor is but only a 2bbl, and I don't think anyone will be interested in it. I will let the motor go with the car as an almost complete motor (intake). I wanted to continue to convert the car to a 4 speed (someone started, but didn't finish), so I don't have a tranny available for this car, but the brackets are still there on the hump for a factory floor console. The car's not much to look at, and needs some TLC. I can't deliver this car anywhere, so if you want it, you'll have to come get it, or arrange pick up. Anyway, if you've got any questions, please let me know, you can e-mail me at serious inquiries only please. I need to sell the car, body overall isn't bad, but does need work. Someone painted the engine bay and front fenders sublime green, the hood is black, and the rest of the car, different colors. My camera keeps eating batteries alive, so if you want any pic's, you may have to give me a moment to go and get fresh batteries and snap some recent shots, otherwise I can send older pic's (car hasn't changed any, so...). Price, I'd like to get a solid $500 out of it. The car is a rolling chassis, no interior.
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