well i normally don't like it when other people don't work on my car. but the transmission guy wants his quarter panel fixed and i needed a new torque converter put in. upon install of the converter a bolt was stripped out thanks to a friend.well all the holes were drilled and tapped to accommodate larger bolts. i'm not sure if that was the right thing to do. well eventually one bolt came loose!! i didn't hear it at all so not sure when it happend.lol anyway. bought the same converter and had this guy put it in. he owns sterling transmission here in town. well he put the converter in and told me to run it down the street and make sure it shifts fine. well it was hangin up in 2 which is only the cable adjustment and was no problem. wat is the problem is.. when i back out of his shop to run down the road. something was making a horrible "gargling" noise. kind of like a weird rattling. he couldn't figure it out. i notices some fresh scratches on the headers where he meet the insides of the tierod and pitman arm on the pass. side. so i drove into houston the the elderly man who built it. he works at a dealership . we put it on the lift and same thing. started it up. ran it on the lift and it wasn't making the noise!!! mr. marvin told me a few things irrelevant to the noise. so we dropped the car and i was on my way. i notice it makes the noise when im in a gear about 1800rpm and i get it on it. it gets louder. then right when it shifts , at the bottom of the next gear it wont make it till higher in 2nd... im confused..worried..pisssed.. any ideas?
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