Rat Style Muscle Cars

I watched a movie called Highwaymen the other day and it starred a 1968 Barracuda Fastback Formula S. It's the same car that was used in the epsiode of Malcolm in the Middle when Malcolm gets his first car.

If and when I get the money to get one myself THIS is EXACTLY how I'd have it done, faded paint and all!

I don't know if many people here know about the "hot new thing" but just like the "Rat Rod" thing people are making "Rat Muscle Cars" now. Which I've have always been a fan of even before it's new "Title". Theres just something so cool about a beaten up old muscle car cruising down a lone country road heading in no particular direction, just enjoying the journey and the places it takes you.

So post a pic of your purposely unfinished projects or "Rat Muscle Cars"

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