Rant on!!! Im grumpy today.

Ok it's been one of those days where every little thing has pissed me off and no one is safe car guy or not!!!

Why the hell is it that some dill holed jerk off in his jacked up 4x4 extended cab long bed with the 12billion sets of shocks, painted and chrommed out rear end, polly bushings (you could tell they were polly because he had to advertise the fact by getting the color of bushings that clashed with the rest of the parts around them, did you know they make bright yellow polly bushings?) and retarded early 90's custom paint has to slow down to about 1/2 a MPH to go over a damn speed bump when a guy like me in a bone stock rubber bushing filled 73 dart 4 door can clear the same damn speed bump at 7 mph? I hate guys with "show" 4x4's. If you are going to crap all this cash into hardcore 4x4 parts THEN TAKE THE DAMN THING OFF FRIGGIN ROAD!!!!!!! Not even one scratch in the paint and he is afraid to go over speed bumps.
It's not only that guy, people in SUV's, 4x4 SUV's! You have a damn 4x4 your suspension can take a small speed bump at 5mph and it will be fine so quit beeing a pussy and drive!


Bends in the freeway.... "Hi Im a jack ass with a BMW and I slow down to 50 on the damn freeway unless it is in a streight line." Once again bone stock 73 Dodge dart 4 door, no swaybar and I have no problems with that same bend in the road at 60mph (the posted speed limit) hell I have no problems taking the same bend in the freeway at 75 along with the rest of traffic!


Is it just me or do you want to knock the crap out of every teenager you see taking pics or texting with their phone and just tell them to stop it?


....those spandex wearing douche bags that think they can ride their bike in the road. Get a damn license plate, lights, tabs, insurance, and do the f***ing speed limit because the second you get in my way and your not doing the speed limit and I have to slow down for your stupid tree hugging a$$ I will turn you into roadkill. And NO you dont have the same rights as everyone else now get out of the road! When I was a kid do you know where I road my bike?....ON THE DAMN SIDEWALK SO I DIDN'T GET HIT BY A PISSED OFF 30 YEAR OLD IN A 73 DART 4 DOOR!!!!!!! and if there was someone walking on the sidewalk I stopped or moved out of the way!!!

Oh and if another one of those spandex loving hippy bastards in downtown Seattle uses the quarter pannel of my Dart one more time to hold themself up while we are waiting for the light to change I promise that you will see me on the 6 PM news caving thier head in with my foot on the side of the road while those dumb teenagers take pics of me doing it on their cell phones.

The End....maybe.
Author: admin