Rally Wheels on my Swingin’ ’73

So, I sold the wheels that came on my '73 Dart and I'm looking for some input on ONE of my choices. A friend gave me a pair of 14" X 5.5" rally's, along with 2 sets of centers (Argent and Dark), a full set of 14" rings, and a pair of 15" rings. For this option, lets assume I am going to use 14" rally's on all four corners. (Other options would be use the 14's up front and get some 15's for the back in the classic "big 'n little's").

The wheels are a little rough looking, but are in generally good condition. A little rust in the usual spots, but not deep enough to pit.

The car is going to stay Rally Red 'n White. It will not be painted any time soon; I'm hoping to keep as much of the stock paint as possible for as long as possible.

Color Options: Hemi Orange, Chrysler Engine Blue, Pink (ok, not really), Yellow, Purple, ???? Center caps can be Argent, Dark Gray or ???
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