Probelm with thermostat

I swapped my v-8 for a slant six. The radiator, which is the 3-core v-8 one, is brand-new, so I had a radiator shop move the holes around so I could hook it up to the /6. The damn car overheats within minutes because the radiator isn't circulating coolant when I have a 160 degree thermostat in it. I take the thermostat out and it doesn't overheat. I bought three different thermostats, thinking they were faulty. The first one I tried was definatly faulty, it had a bur and stuck shut. I tested the second thermostat in boiling water and it worked just like it is suppose to...until I put it in the car. Then it won't open at all. I took it out, and just to give it the benifit of the doubt, I bought a third thermostat from a different company and still the same thing. Everything is brand-new too...the hoses, the water pump, all of it. I am so sick of draining the radiator ](*,)
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