Plugs #5 and #6 Carbon Fouled

I am looking for help with a problem I am having with a new build. This spring I have been working through the gremlins of a 408 stroker that I put together. It has a miss that I can not track down. I have readjusted the valves and gone through the ignition system. Everything is new on this engine. Now I pulled out the plugs to check them again and #5 and #6 are fouled. Plugs #1-4 look excellent, and then #7 and #8 are on the rich side but not nearly as bad as 5 and 6. The plugs read exactly the same from one side of the engine to the other. Is this a fuel delivery issue? Thanks for any help and advice you might be able to give me.

Eddy heads, Comp Cams XE 275HL, Crane 1.6 roller rockers, M1 single plane intake, Demon Sizzler Thermoquad, Mopar elect. distributor w/ orange box, MSD Blaster 2 coil, TTI headers
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