please help, broken shifter mount

Hey all:

new to the list, so Hi! I have a 67 fast back with a 400 and 4 speed. Side of the tranny says C-99129. I was sitting in traffic in Newport Ri this Sat night (went down for the Warwick car show) and the car just stopped shifting. wouldn't go into any gear.

Had the car towed back and i got under the car and couldn't find anything wrong.

finally I did shift the car manually at the tab on the end of the shift rod and "click" the car went into gear. then the car seemed to shift.

I did notice that the lowest bolt on the shift mount (that attaches the shifter to the tranny) seemed loose, although the bolt was tight. Pulled the bolt, found a smaller one and re-inserted and tightened up.

I must have over tightened it as when i got back into the car the shifter was really sloppy. Back under the car and I noticed the mount was broken at the the lowest hole.

Can someone also help me upload pics off my hard drive?

If they can, my questions are....

So my question is does anyone recognize the shifter and the mount?

Can I get a replacement? (saw a billet one on Evilbay tonight....????)

Any thoughts on if this was the cause of my non-shifting tranny??


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