Pertronix’s Ignitor II and AutoMeter 2894 tach

Recently I had upgrade from a Pertronix's Ignitor I system to a Pertronix's Ignitor II system which includes their hotter coil. The car responded with quicker 60' foot times but slowed down ET wise. I figured the problem was me short shifting due to incorrect tachometer readings. So the problem I am having now is my Auto Meter #2894 tachometer is reading incorrect at both lower and higher rpm's. It actually indicates a lower rpm at the bottom half of the scale and a higher rpm at the top end of the scale. Now none of this occurred when the Ignitor I system was in the loop. It only started to act up after the Pertronix's Ignitor II with coil was installed. A factory rep suggested that I install a capacitor from Radio Shack, part number 272-131, ( .01 Microfarad 500 VDC), between the negative coil post, and the black tachometer wire. After doing the above, the tach readings were almost non-existing. So my question is: Does anyone else have this setup with and electronic tachometer, and does it behave the same? And if so, how did you fix it? I am opened for any and all suggestions here. Thanks, JP (aka... ...the Taint)
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