1978 Chrysler New Yorker – $6,200 (Stanfordville)

not mine
1978 Chrysler New Yorker – cars & trucks – by owner – vehicle…

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I am doing a red, white & blue paint job for a guy & he wanted me to use House of Kolor base coat. They have a red, white & blue colors thats suppose to be spot on the same as the flag. I order 1 qt. of each. That should be more than enough…

Stock 273 4bbl intake question

Has anyone figured out why they made this threaded side car on some of the 273 4bbl intakes? It’s a blind hole, so, it’s not a passageway to anywhere. I don’t know of anything that would mount there, especially with that big a hole. It’s a C.A.P. intake if that makes any difference to anyone.

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Leaf Springs

I’m looking for Mopar Performance leaf springs for a 1973 Duster. The part # are P4510268 and P4510269. There seems to be none here in Canada so I was wondering if any of our members had a new set that they decided not to use. I know shipping could be pricey but I have a friend in Mass where they would be sent to instead. Thanks



Any body know the Torque for the 16 1/4 inch bolts for the Mopar cross ram for my HEMI? Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone!!

I’m mike, a few weeks ago I bought a 1974 dodge dart sport, factory 360 and 4 speed. I’m excited to finally join this community! She might be a little rusty dusty and crusty but she’s mine. This is the only picture on my laptop, we had some crazy weather right after I bought it. But don’t worry I’m getting storage arranged.

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Ported and or extrude honed HP exhaust manifolds

I am wondering if anyone on here has had or know anyone that have had their HP exhaust manifolds ported and or extrude honed and if so do you feel like you gained anything? I am going to be rebuilding the 440 in my Imperial & when I do I am going to do a few things to build more power id like to get to the 450-500 hp range but I will definitely not be doing headers I just don’t want the hassle of headers