73-76 Dart Headlight Bezels

I have a nice pair of headlight Bezels. They are in really nice shape. I believe they are the same for 73-76 Dart/Duster? Maybe someone can help me out on the application. $50.00 for the pair plus shipping.

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synthetic oil

what brand of synthetic oil are u guys running in ur r/b strokers ?

Mopar 2998326 fan shroud

For sale is a Mopar brand fan shroud. In really good condition with the exception of a tiny hole someone in the past put in it for some reason. Fits 26” radiators. original to 70-73 B and E bodies. $120.00 plus shipping.

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Headlight switch and outside door handle

Your choice. A body headlight switch or passenger outside door handle. $15.00 each plus shipping.

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1967 coronet head light bezels

1967 coronet headlight bezels. Both are in good sy, one has a tiny ding as seen in the second pic. $50 + shipping from 40165. Thanks

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Tips for hot weather racing

I have a race this coming Saturday, and the weather report says 100*. What do you guys do or use to prepare, stay cool, stay hydrated, and keep the car running correctly in severe conditions?

The Great Pumpkin, A 22,000 Mile Survivor FK3 1970 Fury III 4-Door Hardtop

Well folks, I first would like to thank @T-revorNobody for originally posting about this car, but I especially would like to thank @1968Chryslers as he sent the craigslist ad post to my stepdad before I even saw it and re-posted it on the site here. My…