Final Few Carter AVS Carbs. I have Left

Liquidation of My Last Few Carter AVS Carbs
that I have had in storage 40 plus years.
All rebuildable and complete.
Tight shafts and move freely and Intact original.

1968 383 Auto …………………4401S
1969 383 Auto………………….4638S (Tw…

Welcome, UMNewport

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Dakota Digital gauge swap in a 1970 Charger

In 2015, I swapped in a Dakota Digital instrument cluster in my 1970 Charger. At the time, I didn’t think of posting about it.
I have a little free time while I’m waiting to resume some changes to the car so I thought I’d revisit this upgrade.
I bought the car in March of 2000. It had a non working clock in the instrument cluster along with the rest of the standard Rallye gauges.

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The car is actually a “500” model so I’m lucky…

Dakota Digital gauge swap in a 1970 Charger

Mopar Motor Pop Quiz

IF your engine runs out of oil, or the oil pump quits working….. which is the first bearing to be starved of oil ?
If you add oil, which is the last bearing to get oil ?

intake gasket is sweating coolant?

Hey everyone i recently did my intake gasket around the middle of march and so far havent had any leaks, its been a few weeks since i last ran the engine because ive been busy and tonight i noticed the intake gasket appeared to be wicking coolant on al…

Gas Cap

Looking for correct gas cap for early 71 Duster. Thanks -Mike


Has anyone set a late model shaker 2016 up… next to a ebody? I came up on a late model scoop and I need one for my 71