Trunk popper/light harness

Hey everyone,
Looking for a trunk popper/light harness with socket for my 88 Diplomat. I’m sure they’re the same across all the M-body models. Much appreciated. Thanks

Air compressor sale

If you want a new compressor big enough to pretty much do anything you need Tractor Supply has a sale starting on Tues 11/22 – 11/26. They have an 80 gal. 2 stage Ingersoll Rand:
• 15.8 CFM@90 PSI
• 175 PSI max.
• 5 H. P. motor 230 volt
Cast iron compr…

To Mod, or Not to Mod, that is the question. What will break at 500hp?

The car is a mostly original 1967 Newport, 2dr, 383 4-barrel, 727. Body is in good shape, interior is a little rough with rips in the front seat and a missing headliner. Engine runs okay, but is down on power and smokes a little on startup. It need…

Whats it worth

Most of you know my 73 Scamp I restored a few years ago and thinking of selling it.
Factory sunroof 408 from Blue Print 904 tranny with a gear vendor over drive and the list goes on I have a build trend but don’t know how to bring it up because I’m no…

A833 overdrive V8 bellhousing?


I’ve got a slant six with an a833 overdrive 4 speed. I would like to swap the slant 6 for a 360 I have and I would like to keep the 4 speed. I know that I would need a v8 bellhousing since the starter is in a different location. Is there any di…

Know of Any Ankles Weights That Won’t Fall Apart?

Reading the reviews on Amazon, I see the ankle weights on the market fall apart one way or another with use. Anyone try some that hold up? Trying to rehabilitate my knee. Thank you.

318 Magnum vs the world

This Dodge 318 was in the junkyard earlier this year. After being plucked from the yard and overhauled on a 5 year old’s budget, it’s out here at the drag strip collecting wins and leaving people scratching their heads.