A bumper named Bailey?

I was doing some weekend work on the 62 Fury and noticed on one of my many trips back under the car the name, "Bailey" etched inside the bumper. Has anyone ever seen this before? Makes me wonder was this something the original employee on the…

E body Big Block motor mounts

These came off of a 383 that was in a ‘71 Barracuda, dirty but in good shape. Mount rubber is decent on one and starting to split on the other. $75 plus shipping and located in Lacey WA.

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67 68 Original 4 speed console with Tachometer

I have decided to let go of my original a body four-speed console with factory mounted tachometer. Can be used in all A bodies but technically correct for a 67 or 68 Dart and more specifically 68 Dart due to the tachometer that it has mounted. The tach…

Question for you guys

Can you run bias goodyear drag fronts with M/T drag radials on rear Thanks

I swear to XXXX that if I have to see ONE MORE annoying auto insurance….

…..TV commercial, ANY of them, Progressive with “Sally” or “Angie” or “Elsie” or WTF her name is and the rest of the crew,

or that annoying stupid SOB with his Mopar and emu,

OR that dumb SOB Matt McCoy from AARP WHILE HE’S DRIVING AROUND TALKING TO HIS PASSENGERS and spending MORE TIME LOOKING AT THEM that his eyes on the road…….

……….I SWEAR I’m…

I swear to XXXX that if I have to see ONE MORE annoying auto insurance….

Lower Ontario Mopar guy

Hey everyone, I see a lot of good builds here and have been told this is the place to find parts and projects so here I am.

I’m from lower Ontario Canada, I pick up mopars all over here and the states when I get a chance to. I’ve been in the habit of …

Help with Engine identification

Hello everyone, new to this forum. I recently had a family member pass away and he was a big Mopar guy, and had a bunch of engines in various states of assembly. I’m trying to help his wife to determine what if any value exists and determine how best to sell all these engines and parts. Any help…