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Pulley and bracket question

First, let me say, I didn’t find a specific form to start this thread. So if this is the wrong place to post, let me know. I purchased this a/c bracket system from a person in a Mopar group. I don’t think it’s for a Challenger, but it bolted on (with s…

1967 Satellite Convertible Trim

Have a piece of top trim from a 1967 satellite convertible. It is in pretty decent shape, not pitted or rusted. This piece runs along the back side and base of the convertible top when the top is up. Local pickup in Denton Texas. Can ship. Paypal avail…

Replacement lug studs for 8-3/4

I just wanted to pass this along. I recently put some AR Torq-Thrusts on my ’68 and, like many of you have discovered, the factory studs are a bit short on thread engagement into the lug nut.
NHRA safety specs state, “thread engagement in the HEX portion of the lug nut must be equal to or greater than the stud diameter”…and that’s also the general accepted industry standard for thread engagement. No big secret that modern aluminum rims are thicker in the hub area.
I really didn’t want to…

Replacement lug studs for 8-3/4

Engine Stalling After Short Drive

My engine is stalling out and I’m not sure what to look at.
1974 318, stock long block, mild street cam (think stock 340), performer intake, headers, QFT slayer 600 vs that has run stupid, plug fowling in 20 seconds, rich since new.
I have not been able to get the car to run right in a few months with 10.4 afr at idle. I reset the carb back to my baseline settings for throttle position to restart turning. Something has happened that I can start the car and it will idle. I can drive it about…

Engine Stalling After Short Drive

Dodge Pilothouse Trucks – anyone here deal with these

I have a friend that is looking for a right front fender for one of these trucks….actually only the flare portion of the truck. He is putting together an Anglia and it just so happens the flared portion of the Pilothouse trucks work perfectly for h…