Coal Train

I don’t think it is elevated everywhere along the line.

68 A-body convertible windshield latch

Looking for both sides convertible windshield latch catch receiver piece. I have the the roof piece. Thanks

Can anyone decode my new Demon?

Hi All, In another thread I found two Demons in a junkyard and was contemplating whether to buy the 1972 Citron Yella one (with a 318) or the Plum Crazy one (with a 225 slant 6). So I’d decided to buy the Plum Crazy one (someone else bought the Yella c…

318 center sump pan w/ baffle

used 318 center sump pan with homebrew baffle, it uses a stock pick up.
i ran this in my 64 and 65 darts with no problems, clears all the suspension. some bumps and bruises, but no kinks or creases. the rails are straight.
any questions, please feel f…

Utah Mopar only car shows???????

Man, it would be nice to have a pure Mopar show in Utah somewhere. Midway between North and South.

Three Sets Of Small Block Intake Gaskets

These are Three Sets Of Small Block Intake Gaskets.
They are metal, not the felt, or composite. $30.00.
Local pickup, or buyer pays shipping.