69 valiant carburetor 1920 Holley

currently has a 1920 holley on it. It keeps stalling out when i stop. I have the float bulb as low as i can set it. Does anyone have a recommendation besides continuing to rebuild the carb. It’s like the gas sloshes forward when i stop and it is calling a stall. Thanks for any input

Another piece of the puzzle. New carb

When I switched from pump gas to alcohol I removed my 750 Holley that ran 9.80’s on my W2 engine I placed the carb on my shelf. I refused to sell it for five years till I knew I wasn’t going back to pump gas and sold it last summer. APD converted an ol…

68 Coronet quarter panel extensions (diecast)

As the title states.. I am looking for either one, or a pair of these for a wall hanger
we are building, so some or all studs broken is ok. Just not looking for anything
smashed flat.. as I already have those. Needing them with the holes in them
for th…

Port Cross Section and Torque Peak RPM

I was reading in Andy F’s book on stroking the big block mopar about port cross sectional area and that it largely determines where the torque peak will sit. I think its the Mcpherson formula. I was just reading a book Practical Engine Airflow (very good book) and it goes into that as well as port velocity etc a lot as well.

I had always thought of the camshaft setting the torque peak rpm but my take away is that the camshaft can broaden the torque curve and therefore extend the peak…

Port Cross Section and Torque Peak RPM

’68 383 Longblock

1968 383 long block. Rebuilt at the machine shop a handful of years ago then plans changed. Never fired, or fully assembled. Never even finished painting or removed from the stand. Forged crank, new bearings etc. Keith Black pistons & rings, Mopar Performance cam, lifters & springs, 452 heads redone, double roller timing assembly, Melling oil pick up, 933 pan, oem oil pump & valve covers. As you can see it will need to be cleaned as the dust has collected heavily while sitting in the shop…

’68 383 Longblock

Desktop dyno question

Just got DesktopDyno 5. Figuring it out, but for those of you that have it I got a question. I have 9.5/1 compression, and Edelbrock RPM heads which list a 63cc chamber. The program only lets me put in the compression ratio, then figures out the com…


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