1969 GTX remote mirror

Does anybody know if oem remote mirrors had the pentastar on backside of mirror as did the manual nirrors

94 1500 dies when warm

My 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 is making me crazy. I can not figure it out. About 3 years ago pops took it in for a trans rebuild.

When it was done the shop called and said come pick it up. Some how it was broken and dad PAIED for the trans and brought home a busted truck.

I spent some time trying to figure it out with no luck then I took it to my buddy’s shop and He worked on it off and on for a month before giving up. Now Im back screwing with it. @mech1nxh

It fires up…

94 1500 dies when warm

swival oil filter adapter

need 340 cast or alum swival oil filter adapter, good condition resonible, picture and price, threw a conversation thanks

Vendor Shout Out!!

This is a bit long, sorry. But, this guy treated me right, so I wanted to pass it along.

I’m building a 1970 Duster and I’m doing a lot of custom details to the car.

I had an idea for the side stripes that was different than the stock decals available.

I called around to companies that advertise MOPAR decal kits, and the first 4 places I talked to gave me the same answer… “No, sorry, we don’t do any custom work. We can run the correct design for your car, but that’s all”.

Any graphic…

Vendor Shout Out!!

1970 Am Radio

1970 AM Radio. Asking $175.00

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Fast Elephant broke out of the room.


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eard the news today of the lucky man that broke the record.

1970 Engine

1970 Engine came out of a running driving car. $1350.00

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