AC Dash vents 71 challenger

I have set of green ac dash vents in good shape. Vents solid don’t flop around. Asking $100.

1967 Sport Fury Seat Covers

I’m looking for suggestions or links for some seat covers. Nothing fancy. Not looking to reupholster, just looking to cover up the front and back seats. Thanks!!

’66 Imperial Convertible Rebuild: A Fresh Start

Okay – I’m going to attempt to keep this to one thread, as easy as it is to start a new one for every different issue that arises. The original delivery thread just has too much angst in it or, more accurately, reminds me too much about the unloading i…

N.O.S.1969/70 Throttle Control Cable

N.O.S.1969/70 throttle control cable
Part #2951459
Fit, Plymouth and Dodge also Chrysler,C-1-2-3,also Y-1
with 383 Eng,w/2-4 bbl,carb.
with 440 Eng,w/4 bbl carb,
Never use brand new.
$150. USD…

Ugh got wrong bushing! Need help!

Hey guys i thought i have purchased the right bushing.. if anyone can help I’d would really appreciate it.. I have pictures of what I need from the Manuel just doesn’t say what it’s called.

View attachment 1286923

View attachment 1286924

View attachment 1286925

*BOLTS* Lower Ball Joint To Spindle. A, B, E, Body Cars. Disc & Drum Brakes.

Members continue to ask me if i have more of these nuts and bolts, that were used on the ball joint mounting, to the spindles, on the Mopar automobiles in the 60’s into the 70’s and beyond.

I have the correct length grade 8 bolts, and self locking nuts, that are used on the lower ball joints, to the spindles, when doing a B and E body disc brake swap on the Mopar automobiles.

If you purchased 1973-76 A body spindles, B, & E, body spindles, or even F M J body spindles, and didn’t get the…

*BOLTS* Lower Ball Joint To Spindle. A, B, E, Body Cars. Disc & Drum Brakes.

Slant Six 170 vs. 225

So the guy has a dilemma: I remember 39 years-ago when I last drove this car that the original 170 was pretty sluggish (around 100 hp?). I would like just a little more pep. (I’m not trying to turn it into a muscle car).

Does anyone know how much HP is created with the two barrel carb with the two barrel intake on a 170?

My other option is…I have a spare rebuilt 1972 225 that only has about 1,500 miles on it that will get me roughly 145 hp. Will I notice a big difference…

Slant Six 170 vs. 225