stuck fold down seat

Have a fold-down rear seat in a 77 Road Runner that absolutely refuses to go back up. Is there some sort of trick to this? Feels like it’s locked.

Watch this !

Grandpa finally met the kitty cat

Finally got grandpa back from hibernation. And one thing is clear, my 440 is a slug!!!

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MoPar Restoration Shops – Central/Eastern US

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I’ve spent time researching old and current posts regarding "best Mopar restoration shops" in the USA. Lots of opinions, experiences and advice in…

1966 monaco rear shock suggestions

Hey guys
I’m looking for rear shocks for my 66 monaco. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

“I felt like a woman”

Last trip to doc, my blood panel showed “something” about my liver. So I went over and endured an abdomen ultrasound. Fortunately, there was no kid in there LOL

On a side not the local medical megacorpuluse which gets bigger by the hour, I think, has “changed software.” My doc had told me they would set up a referral, and have them call me. They didn’t. So I called the doc the other day, and she transferred me to “the outfit.” Buy HELL!!! I have no idea…

“I felt like a woman”

4 1/2 or 5 quarts of oil with 1/2 quart of ZZDP?

I will be changing the oil & filter in my 318 shortly. My engine builder told me to include a 16 ounce bottle of a ZZDP oil additive with the fresh oil and new filter.

My question is do I use 5 quarts of oil + 1/2 quart of ZZDP additive?

Or, 4 1…