Window Rubber Install: Push or Pull?

Working on some felt/rubber pieces (’65 Formula S) that need to slide on the metal frame somehow. Starting at one end using soapy water I can pull it on by hand only a few inches with a long way to go. Afraid of using pliers to help it along because fo…

1967 Belvedere II-What do OEM coat hooks look like

What do original coat hooks look like for a 1967 Belvedere II?

Do the GTX and Satellite use the same coat hooks as the Belvedere?

Thanks for any replys.

68 Barracuda quarter skins

Pair of Goodmark quarter panel skins for 68 Barracuda. Some surface rust as you can see in pics.
Will not ship, but will deliver to Mopars in the Park in Stillwater, MN first weekend of June or willing to meet someone if not too far.
$500 for the pair…

late model slant six head

would a 1985 slant six head work on an earlier block ….say 73

are there any concerns with parts so new as 1985?

Fell out of the attic and broke my foot

Gosh DAMMIT!!! I heard a funny sound coming from the HVAC unit in my attic, so I went to investigate. Upon exiting, my feet couldn’t catch the ladder and down I went. My left foot caught one of the lower rungs of the ladder and SNAP. Broken metacarpal….

A-body low tension hood springs for use with bolt-on style fiberglass hoods

Pair of A-body low tension hood springs for use with bolt-on style fiberglass hoods. Fits ’67 – ’76 A-body cars. $65 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA. If interested in purchasing, PM me. I’m located in Richmond, VA.

First time classic car owner

Hey all, I’m glad to have found this community!

Ill go ahead with a quick introduction:
While growing up through high school and the years since, I have wanted to participate in the car culture my Father grew up in during the early 70’s. The desire to…