Axel removal 1962 Dart

Hi all,

I’m very new to this and while I do have a book it’s kind of a bunch of gobbledygook at this point to me. I’ve found a good video on removing the brake, but it misses the part where you remove the hub? (The plate the lugs for the lug nuts are pressed into) from the axel. Does this just pull off with a puller tool? I have everything hooked up to a puller now, but want to make sure I’m on the right path before cranking on this. Parts are hard to come by.


Axel removal 1962 Dart

Door pull removal

Howdy folks! I’m new to the forum and new to the world of C Bodies. This is a great site! I’ve recently got a 1970 Chrysler New Yorker, all in all in pretty good shape. I’m trying to fix a bunch of little th ings on my own when I have time. Today’s challenge is the door panel. Both outside door lock cylinders are stuck/frozen: key goes in but doesn’t turn at all. Front doors open from inside/outside, back doors only from inside. Do I need to remove the door pull to get the panel off? If so,…

Door pull removal

Wanted 63 Sport Fury C pillar emblems

Hi need 63 Sport fury C pillar Emblems please Passenger side or set ? cheers Greg

383/400 Weiand intake

383/400 Weiand single plane intake has been powder coated alien silver and it’s ready for installation asking 325 plus the shipping

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Rallye dash wiper knob

Does anyone have a wiper knob from a rallye dash they can part with… or know where to get ..?
Apparently they differ from other non rallye knobs in internal slot size..

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727 dipstick and tube, neutral saftey and carb

Looking for 727 dipstick and tube, oem is fine, locking would be better.

Also needing 1.wire neutral safety switch, new or used and matching harness pig tail.

Also needing small spread bore 4v carb to fit 318

Thanks in advance

Amazing what torquing some bolts will do

for a while I have had a clunk in the passenger side front wheel / suspension area when I apply the brakes at a slow speed like moving forward at a light then re applying the brake. Only seemed to do it when moving forward

I finally got the wheel off …