Opinions on Leaf Springs and Torsion Bars?

As I am planning on putting in the 8 3/4 rear on the '72 Valiant, I was thinking of putting in new leafs, offset shackles and offset hangers. I was curious on your opinions of just stock leaf springs vs. HD ones? I like the stance it has now (pics on my link below). I also would like to know your opinions on torsion bar sizes for handling. I just want it to handle good on the road first.
This is my DD right now and has been since high school, i'm only 21 and love old cars! I would like to however get another car so that I don't have to drive the Valiant in harsh weather...winter isn't that nice here + salt! So, I think I will get a front swaybar, 6 leaf stock height springs (IDK if I would like 2" higher, I need photoshop...and I don't want it 2" lower), and some good shock absorbers (seems like Edelbrocks or QA-1 Adjustable shocks?). What do you guys think?
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