one more reason FABO is wicked.

in another thread, somebody asked if his car was an A-body, and said they knew it was a dumb question...


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And there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you dont know, you dont know. How would you ever learn if you were afraid to ask?

So dont be afraid to ask.

i am so glad the majority of the users here are mature adults. I quit frequenting a lot of different message boards because of immaturity and flaming responses calling people dumb and telling them to Search before they open their mouths... while searching is a must before asking a common question that has been answered many times, there are polite ways to say so :)
not to say im a mature adult at 22, but i don't try to drag anybody down on the internet, i realize its worthless.

lets hear it for easy going gearheads and a very informative website.
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