oil pressure, I’m still buffaloed

O.K. I'm still buffaloed, I tought I had lost oil pump prime since It had been six months since I had built the engine and primed it. So I took the intermediate shaft (oil pump dirve gear) out and put the special tool down to the oil pump and spun the electirc drill at high speed (clockwise, it's a 340) for a long time while a friend turned the crank over slowly several revolutions. We did not see oil up to the valve train and the drill never did bog down as people had mentioned (we also filled the crankcase with extra oil to cover the oil pump). We then took the oil filter adapter off ran the drill and oil came gushing out of the block, which tells me it is not the oil pump and pressure relief valve which is the problem. We did get a very minor flow to the mechanical oil filter pressure gauge tube. It makes me think that somehow the oil/filter/adapter is the problem or something else impeding flow.Questions;
1. Is there a special oil filter to be used with the adapter or with this engine.?
2. Is there a certain way the adapter goes on to the block and somehow we're not getting flow through it?
3. how long would it take the oil to flow through the block, am I being too impatient?
4.Is there some funky way the slotted bolt /washer goes on the adapter that could cause oil not to flow?
5. or, when the engine was built could it be that the main bearings were put in wrong and won't allow flow ( I thought that there is only one way the bearing could go in) or....
6. someone mentioned that there may be an internal oil galley plug that is not in causing oil not flow through the galleys.
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