NOS results………..

...kindof .
Went racing on Sunday. Big weekend, so we had little chance to to test 'n tune. We had two dial ins then onto eleminations.
First pass on the motor, we ran a 10.75 @ 122 mph. Not bad on a fairly warm day on a street setup. No chance to fine tune.
2nd pass and used the NOS in 3rd gear for about a 3-4 second burst. Results: A 10.54 @ 129 MPH. Interesting.
3rd run and into eliminations. Crapp. Wanted to try the NOS in second gear.
Took an educated guess at the dial-in, and set it at 10.3. With a second gear burst of NOS we ran a 10.25 @ 132.45 MPH. Yes. We broke out. So after a wait, and buy back in to make a forth pass with yet cooler air, we set the dial in at 10.25.
4rth pass, engaging the NOS at 2nd gear again, we broke out turning a 10.21 @ 134 MPH.
This nitros stuff really brings out the best. Not too shabby for a full exhaust, street tired, car, without a full launch of the 150 horse shot.

Next time we'll be doing the full 1/4 off the launch. I'm guessing 10.0's at 135+. And that will slightly illegal for our non-caged car.
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