Northwest Mopar Nationals.

The Northwest Mopar Nationals were at Pacific Raceways in Kent this weekend. I went Sat, today is rainy and i assume they were rained out.

Anyone else go Sat?

This is my little review.

I forgot my camera, so no pictures, sorry.

There was a nice collection of cars, suprisingly a lot of trucks, and a lot of new stuff.

The new Challenger was there, and made a few passes. It was the first one i had seen in person, and actually, i wasnt too impressed.

Dont get me wrong, i have always been a die hard mopar or no car person, all my cars have been mopars, but for $55,000, i would buy something else.

Compared to a 70,71 Challengers crisp lines, there is too much bulk to it. It had a hemi in it, made a few 14 second passes.

I was pretty impressed by the Magnums, and new Chargers, at the beginning they were beating a few old school cars.

There were quite a few diesel Ram trucks there, and i had no idea they could run 14 second quarter miles.

There were 2 Viper Coupes there, they were beating cars in the begining, one broke, i left before i could see what the other one got matched up with.

There were 3 or 4 altered wheel base old school cars there, one was a 7 second car, forgot its name.

There were quite a few cars on display,

a beautiful 57 Custom Royal Lancer D500 from BC.

I talked to a guy that had taken a 69 Dart Convert and made a 70-71 Swinger convert out of it. He had taken the front clip and then took the rear 1/4 of the quarter panel, and sectioned it in to the body, really a nice job.

I got my wife to admit that Sublime is better looking in person than in pictures, and i think i have settled on Amazing Grape when i paint my Scamp, its a lot brighter than Plumb crazy, looks really good on a 70 Cuda i was looking at.

Any one else go? I left at 7, did i miss anything good after that?
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